ERS is fully compliant with the environmental laws and legislation of all states and territories concerning the collection, transportation and disposal of waste materials.

Spray Pressure7 MPa (1015 psi)Operating Temp40 C
Flow Rate5.5 litres/minuteWindow dimensions500 H x 700 W
Fluid Capacity100 litersCleaning CabinatD 800 x W 1000 x H 865
Max Load70 KgDimensionsD 800 x W 1000 x H 1550
cleaning Performance Benefits10 x Faster than traditional parts washers
> Powerful high pressure spray with adjustable nozzles - targeted cleaning
High Visibility
> Inspection of intricate components - large wide window, well lit efficient low-energy lighting and large wash area suited for all operator heights (no bending or straining)
Fast Component Drying
> In-built drying system
Environmental & Cost BenefitsNo VOCs
> Safer working environment and less compliance paperwork
Energy Saving
> Double walled insulation + low energy heating system + standby mode, using minimal energy
Reduces Waste
>Two-stage filter prolongs detergent life
>Every aspect of the machine designed to reduce waste
Health & Safety BenefitsNot classified as Hazardous + Non Flammable
> Less health and safety concerns
Built-in Safety Features
> Including interlocking lid + foot switch